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News and Updates from K.T. Lee:

An Ear for Trouble

When a veterinarian at the Riverbend Animal Conservation Center goes missing, the Butler sisters must team up to determine if RACC is unlucky or is hiding a criminal.

An Ear for Trouble (Riverbend K-9s Book 2) is available now!

Available Now!

A Nose for Mischief

Alexis and Waffle are starting a new chapter at the Riverbend K-9 Academy! Join a new cast of characters and a few old friends from The Calculated Series in Riverbend, Indiana, a town with plenty of heart and a first-rate team ready to sniff out mischief.

Available Now!

The Calculated Series

Before Alexis was running the Riverbend K-9 Academy, she was fighting crime in The Calculated Series.

If you like strong heroines in STEM, formidable adversaries, and a dash of romance in every book, start here.

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KT Lee

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