Calculated Contagion (Book 2)


When Dani Christensen is kidnapped, she escapes with the help of a CIA officer in the right place at the right time. It is only after Dani returns home that she realizes the extent of her captors’ plans. Now, Dani must help the CIA stop her kidnappers before they release a bioweapon in this cozy, page-turning thriller.

Dani Christensen is a vaccine researcher who has spent her career proving she is more than just the daughter of the company CEO. However, as her accomplishments in contagious disease research grow, the wrong people begin to notice. When Dani is isolated from her colleagues at a well-regarded conference in Europe, she is kidnapped and taken to an isolated camp in the Carpathian Mountains.

CIA officers Cam Mitchell and Tyler Scott are sent to observe a suspicious group of armed men in rural Romania. When Cam sees Dani being brought into the camp against her will, he and his partner rescue her and bring her safely back to the United States. The CIA initially believes Dani was kidnapped for ransom, but they soon realize her kidnapper has followed her back to her lab. Now, the CIA must work with their allies in the FBI to catch Dani’s kidnapper before he releases a potentially deadly contagion for his own political gain.

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