Calculated Sabotage (Book 3)

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CIA operations officer Quinn King will do whatever it takes to find the person who killed her partner. She follows the evidence to Innovative Rocket Technologies, a start-up company and current darling of the rocket world. Their most recent launch, however, ended in an explosion that Quinn believes is connected to her partner’s death.

The CIA sends Cam Mitchell to provide backup for Quinn — and to make sure she isn’t too emotionally invested. With Cam watching her back, Quinn embeds herself at IRT. She soon discovers there is more to the failed launch than IRT has shared with the public. And someone has a vested interest in keeping that information under wraps.

When the CIA finds new evidence that someone is actively sabotaging the next launch, they call in Parker, Ree and Mike from the FBI to help manage a growing number of loose ends. However, once Cam and Quinn realize why the rocket is being sabotaged, it puts them right in the crosshairs of a killer.

Calculated Sabotage is Book 3 in The Calculated Series. All books in The Calculated Series may be enjoyed as standalone novels or as a series.

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