A Whisker of Suspicion

A Whisker of Suspicion

Riverbend K-9s: Book 3

Wildlife veterinarian Dr. Veronica Perry goes where she is most needed, even when it involves travel or an unpredictable schedule. When Riverbend Animal Conservation Center offers her the chance to set up a new land conservancy to repopulate endangered species in her own backyard, Veronica can’t turn it down. It doesn’t hurt that RACC sweetens the offer by asking her to help take care of Luna, a foster puppy for Riverbend K-9 Academy’s wildlife detection program.

Kai Torres is the head zookeeper at RACC. When Veronica joins their team, he finally has enough breathing room to help with the new conservancy located just a few miles away from the conservation center. While it will take a lot of elbow grease, Kai is happy to work towards a purpose that goes beyond cleaning up the mess of his former criminal coworkers.

However, as Veronica, Kai, and Luna start to spend time on the land set aside for preservation, Luna leads them to evidence that suggests animal trafficking wasn’t Riverbend’s only foray into crime. And the person hiding their activities on RACC’s land will do whatever it takes to make sure Veronica and Kai don’t discover the truth.

A Whisker of Suspicion is Book 3 in the Riverbend K-9 Series. All books in the Riverbend K-9 Series may be enjoyed as standalone novels or as a series.

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