An Ear for Trouble

An Ear for Trouble

Riverbend K-9s: Book 2

Elise Butler is a wildlife biologist who loves her stable (if somewhat predictable) job in finance at the World Wildlife Trust. When the veterinarian at one of WWT’s partner facilities goes missing, Elise jumps at the chance to help the unlucky wildlife conservation center get back on its feet. Not only will the job in Riverbend, Indiana let her get back to her roots of working with animals, it’s also a short drive from her sister’s workplace at the Riverbend K-9 Academy, a training center for some of the FBI’s best explosive detection dogs.

As Elise settles into life in Riverbend, she begins to assist her sister’s team with their new program to combat wildlife trafficking in her spare time. She offers to help train Zeke, an enthusiastic German shepherd puppy earmarked to become Riverbend’s first Wildlife Trafficking Prevention K-9. Zeke proves himself an expert both at chewing shoes and sniffing out clouded leopards. When Zeke starts finding scents where they don’t belong, Elise realizes that the conservation center may be more criminal than unlucky. And if she doesn’t keep her nose out of it, she might be the next target.

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